We harness the power of fiber

Blue Prairie is dedicated to adding the power of simple, clean dietary fiber to our customers’ foods and beverages. To do so, we are introducing innovative ingredients and related food products rich in prebiotics, which are essential to digestive health.

Brand Story

Our flagship item, Blue Prairie Chicory Root Flour, is produced from whole chicory roots, which naturally contain more prebiotic inulin than any other source. We select and plant the right seed variety, sustainably grow the plants on dedicated U.S. farmland, and then minimally process them into a novel, inulin-rich, gluten-free, multifunctional ingredient.

There is growing awareness of the Fiber Gap in the average American diet. Blue Prairie’s Chicory Root Flour is a whole-and-intact natural prebiotic, which helps to deliver and maintain gut health. It is an affordable source of inulin and will help processors meet the growing demand for prebiotic dietary fiber. At Blue Prairie, we are committed to replacing artificial ingredients and extracts with clean-label, minimally processed whole-food ingredients.

Meet our team

Tom Burrows CEO
Tom has over 30 years in the global food and ingredient industries. He has C-level and senior-executive experience with firms such as PepsiCo, DuPont, ConAgra Foods, Givaudan Flavors and ADM. He has an extensive background in general management, in marketing and in new-product commercialization. He has led established businesses and has also been a successful entrepreneur. Tom is the CEO of Blue Prairie Brands, Inc.

Brad Justice CTO
Brad has broad leadership experience in product and business development, in operations and in the laboratory, as well as having been primary investigator of numerous awarded grants from previous life-science startups. Brad leads Blue Prairie Brands’ crop cultivation/analytical efforts and is a founder of Blue Prairie.

Terry Frahm Vice President of Sales
Terry has extensive commercial experience in the North American bakery, beverage and food ingredient industries, with a strong history of helping customers meet their product-development goals. He has held senior-executive commercial leadership and marketing positions with International Multifoods, Griffith Labs, Ecolab and Pepsi-Cola. Terry leads commercial activities for Blue Prairie, including our applications development efforts.

Colin Rowe Director of Operations
Colin has 35+ years of operations experience from Supervisor to Vice President of Operations in both his home country of New Zealand and in North America. He has led teams in plant startups, capacity expansions and multiplant operations. Colin is leading the startup of our processing facility in Scottsbluff, NE.

Why invest in blue prairie? Our bodies’ microbiomes consist of an army of “good” bacteria that come from the foods we eat.

Feeding these microbiomes with the necessary dietary fiber is key to our overall good health.

And that’s where Blue Prairie comes in.

Our gluten-free Chicory Root Flour is high in prebiotic fiber (inulin) derived from chicory roots, which naturally contain more prebiotic inulin than any other source. It is intended to be used by food/beverage brands to economically add clean-label prebiotic fiber to their products.

Prebiotics have many positive effects on health and wellness, including improving bone density, nutrient absorption, overall gut health and more. This high-growth segment is attracting more and more attention due to the increasing fiber gap in American diets. Therefore, high-fiber prebiotics are expected to boom over the next few years.

Blue Prairie is currently offering investment opportunities to interested parties whose strategic platform includes products that focus on consumers’ health and well-being. For more information, call 308-633-3925 or Contact Us.

Current investors:

Bunge Venturing LLC
DSM Venturing
Invest Nebraska Corporation
Middleland Capital
Phillip Morris Equity Partners
Proteus LLC
S2G Ventures

Chicory root is a great choice for a rotational crop that opens up new markets for participating growers.

We gently process chicory root into a versatile flour that can be used in a wide range of prepared foods looking to deliver a fiber benefit to the consumer. We offer an alternative, high value rotational crop that is a strong, sustainable option for a grower.

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